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Since: May 08,2015The perfect couple
Matrimony ID: SS3301
Category: Love at first sight
Bride: betty wang
qingdao , China
Durand, Michigan, United States

First Contact: Feb 01,2014
First Meeting:Apr 22,2014
Date Married: Sep 17,2014

Services Used:
Admirer Mail
Qingdao Oriental love introduction agency (ID: P730)
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for people who believe in love, life is full of miracle and surprise, the man from the United States ALAN CARTER and Qingdao's girl Wangyan by overseas mail starts a romantic love, beginning from the first letter, The two sides had identified each other is the whole life.With love in letters to talk。
, the relationship between the two persons more and more strong, man is ready to decide to come to China to visit the woman, want to marry woman two real journey began in the coastal city, after meeting, more obvious affection, each other very well.Two people get along together just like the first love of boys and girls, very enviable, men in three days to Qingdao one knee to propose to lady, very touching, happiness will always go on the journey of two, love each other forever.