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Since: Nov 13,2014Two Persons with Pure Hearts
Matrimony ID: SS3300
Category: Love at first sight
Bride: LinPing Feng
Groom: Douglas Draper
Letart, United States

First Contact: Nov 06,2012
Date Married: Apr 16,2013

Services Used:
Admirer Mail
EMF Mail
Wuhan Hong Jin Translation and Consultation Service Centre (ID: P511)
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On Nov. 6th, 2012, the heroine called Linping got a sincere letter from the hero called Doug after sending him the admirer letter and soon, they took video chat with each other. Since Linping's English is not good, so Doug still kept writing to her through Chnlove with the translator's help. Although Linping's English was not that good at first, their communication went on very well and almost everyday, they talked to each other for two or three hours through web cam, their pure hearts got together soon and through web cam, we met each other's family.

In order to meet Linping earlier, Doug applied for the visa to come to China, on Jan. 3rd, 2013, Doug arrived in Wuhan to meet his lady. Doug is very humorous and considerate, Linping is so attentive and thoughtful, their meeting is very good, and Linping accepted Doug's proposal. After seeing Doug off at the airport, Linping started to apply for her visa to USA, and luckily, she got that soon and flied to USA. When Doug took Linping home with him to arrive with rose pedals on the floor from the front door, down the hall to the bedroom, where Doug had placed several gifts for Linping upon her arrival. At first, Linping did not adapt to the new environment, but Doug's concern, consideration, romance and passion made her feel better soon, so on April 16, 2013, they got married in USA.