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Since: Sep 17,2014long road, but true love.
Matrimony ID: SS3297
Category: Singles with children
Bride: Alice Guo
Groom: Bruce Irwin
Mandan, United States

First Contact: Feb 01,2012
First Meeting:Apr 18,2013
Date Married: Aug 12,2014

Services Used:
Admirer Mail
EMF Mail
Baoding Times Matchmaking Services (ID: P201)
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The lady Guo Wenjin begin to communicate with the man Bruce on this website in 2012. The lady can speak basic English. The man can feel the lady's honesty, so come here to visit her and her family in April, 2013.

Honestly, they also have some problems because of different culture and languages, but both of them are very sincere to each other, so overcome all the difficulties. The lady pass her interview in August, 2014.

It is a long process for them to be together, but they would like to wait because long road can make their love stronger. The lady will take her son to US, and start a happy life with the man Bruce.