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Matrimony ID: SS3296
Category: Other
Bride: Amy Li
Groom: nicholas wilton
south melbourne, Australia

First Contact: Feb 18,2013
First Meeting:May 30,2013
Date Married: Aug 15,2014

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On February,18th 2013, Amy Lin,the true beauty who received the cupid from Nick,her husband now ,from Australia.At this time,it came to the rapid development of her career, she can be quite busy with her work always then.But she still spent a lot of time to get to know this charming gentleman Nick from the Southern Hemisphere/ After three months writing letters and exchanging feelings and thoughts. It came to their first longawaited meeting on May 50th 2013,the romantic time began with their meeting in New town Plaza in Starbucks.

On December 2013, Amy gave up the openning new braches of her company, and to meet all of Nick's family and friends. From the first time they contacted each other to their marriage, they were separated before due to the long distance and also Amy' career, yet they had romantic two times in Bali Island and France, and finally it came to their marriage.Also Amy's parents felt very happy that at last their loving daughter can find her happiness, and ended her busy life.
For now, Amy's career is getting better and better,and Nick her love is also willing to resign his job and come to China to be with her.

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