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Since: Mar 04,2016When true love comes around
Matrimony ID: SS3261
Category: Love at first sight
Bride: GraceGeng
Groom: TerryRolfe
Newton Abbot,

First Contact: Sep 04,2010
First Meeting:Oct 22,2013
Date Married: Jan 04,2014

Services Used:
Cupid Note
EMF Mail
Gifts & Flowers
Shenyang Suncharm Translation & Consultation Services Co., Ltd. (ID: P847)
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I had a bad experience with the site back in 2007, and said I would not bother again. However Chnlove kept sending pictures weekly, but I took no notice until one day "I saw that certain smile" looking straight back at me, and my heart beat a little faster, so I sent a Cupid Note.
Within 24 hours I had a response and Grace and myself started to write very often with the help of the Shenyang Marriage team.
I made arrangements to visit China in early 2011 to meet this beautiful Lady, however I was struck down with Lymphoma Cancer and had to enter hospital. I sadly had to write to my Lady to tell her my bad news and that I would have to cancel my visit, and I told her to look again for the love she deserved, I was quite heart broken.
However I fought through nine months of very hard chemotherapy and tried to stay strong always thinking of what i had lost in China. Then the hospital gave me the good news that I had stemmed the cancer and my health was improving. I plucked up the courage to write to my beautiful Grace, heart in my mouth time, but back came the news although she had spoken with other men, she always wanted me to come back to her, i was such a lucky man. I quickly made plans to visit Shenyang to meet Grace and the rest is history, when I arrived at the airport, I saw a big bunch of red roses waving at me, and as we fell into each others arms, all the team from the Shenyang Agency were with her taking pictures of our first meeting. We speak every day either on Skype or the telephone and plan to marry either in January or May 2014, the coincidence is that we share the same birthday May 7th. I love her so dearly and a big thank you to the Shenyang Agency who have guided us into a wonderful future together. Her true name being Suling such a lovely name for a beautiful Lady. Terry