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Since: May 29,2014Larry Partain and Yumei Li
Matrimony ID: SS3239
Category: Twists and turns
Bride: YuMei Li
Groom: Larry Partain
Monroe,GA, United States

First Contact: Feb 09,2013
First Meeting:Sep 14,2013
Date Married: Sep 19,2013

Services Used:
Admirer Mail
EMF Mail
Zhanjiang Man Ting Hui Matrimonial Agency (ID: P588)
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The man Larry Partain and the lady Yumei Li met each other from on February 9th. From their letters communication, the man has be more and more interested in the lady.

So, in April he booked the air ticket for coming to meet the lady in September. As more letters they wrote to each other, their fell in love with each other and love each other more and more, and think they are the right one for each other. Then the man handled all necessary certificates for marrying the lady.

After the man got to China, because the Single Proof cannot meet the requirement of the local Bureau of Civil Affairs, they suffered several twists and turns, but they never gave us each other and solved out all problems bravely together.

Finally they registered to get married on a special day, our Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (September 19, 2013). Their romantic love finally has a good result!