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Matrimony ID: SS3184
Category: Love at first sight
Bride: May Wei
Groom: Jim Sutherland
London, China

First Contact: Oct 30,2006
Date Married: May 17,2008

Services Used:
Admirer Mail
Yibang Rose Consulting Co., Ltd. (ID: P512)
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The first time Miss Wei visited our agency with her friends, she heard that our agency was very professional, dedicated and responsible. With our consultant’s kind introduction, Miss Wei decided to join our site without hesitation. Miss Wei has her own business, but she considers herself not a beautiful girl, and sometimes maybe a little emotional. She thought it would be very hard to get married again. But when she knew that, most foreigne gentlemen don’t care about ladies’ background and condition, she felt confident again. Though she was still afraid, she realized that she could control her life and looked for her happiness again.

For a period of time, owning to her character of the gratitude, simple, honest and good-faith, Miss Wei is super popular with western men on our dating network. Jim wrote her the first letter on 30th October ,2006. After better understanding of Jim, she is looking forward to meeting each other. In order to a better communication, Miss Wei tried her best to learn English.

On November 10th, 2006, accompanied with the translator, Miss Wei offered a passionate hug to Jim on the airport. This warmly welcome left a great impression on Jim. He praises of her beauty and be sure that Miss Wei is the woman he is looking for so long. Miss Wei and Jim have a lot of happy time together. They took photos. They talked and laughed. Finally, they get together Under the family's blessing.

It is a little bit harder for those divorced women to regain love in china. But western men pay more attention to the communication of the inner world. The most important thing is not to be negative on your weakness, you should open your heart and look for those men who appreciate you. If it is not so easy to find locally. Broaden your mind to the overseas, true love has no barrier. We are willing to help you to find your right man.