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Since: Apr 15,2013With our help, she found her Mr.Right
Matrimony ID: SS3179
Category: Love at first sight
Bride: Linda Liao
Groom: steve smith
holmen, United States

First Contact: Oct 10,2006
Date Married: Mar 30,2009

Services Used:
Admirer Mail
Yibang Rose Consulting Co., Ltd. (ID: P512)
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By the introduction of a friend, Lady Meiyan Liao Joined in the agency --Nanning Yibang Business Consulting Company. With the help of Chnlove site, she found her Mr. Right. She told us that she had found the most important man in her life, Steve Smith from USA. When the translator sent Steve’s letter and pictures to her, she was very amazed, she loved him a lot as he was very sunny.

With the help of our service and translator, they exchanged 135 letters in total. And the translator also found that Miss Liao printed and kept all the letters they have exchanged and she would read these letters over and over again when she missed him. They got to know each other better and better and loved each other more and more. They even wanted to fly to each other immediately. Because of the time different, sometimes our translator also translated their letters at night, which moved Miss Liao a lot. They exchanged letters every single day, then their love to each other became stronger and stronger.

Steve Smith came to Nanning to meet Miss Liao On Junauary 25, 2007. It was their first meeting, but they felt very close to each other already. Miss Liao’s English was not very good. Our translator helped them communicate patiently, and showed them around Nanning as well as the famous temples. Mr. Smith not only experienced lots of local cultures and customs and also bought specialties. He loved the cultures and the experience a lot. And Mr. Smith visited Miss Liao’s families and freinds too.

As a very kind, tender, friendly and optimistic man, Mr. Smith won her families and her friend’s good impression easily. While it was time for him to go back to USA, they could hardly depart. But Mr. Smith promised that he would come back soon and gave her a romantic marriage. Now they are going to marry, we are so happy for them. Mr. Smith and Miss Liao are very thankful to CL. It is this service that gives them the chance to know each other, fall in love with each other and be together. They are also very thankful to the help of all the translators in Nanning Yibang.

As a service agency, we are very happy for their sweet love, and we will always try our best to help and communicate with our clients, strive for their life long happiness, help them finding their lovers and start a new and happy life. We will keep working hard helping more single ladies finding their own happiness.