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Since: Jan 22,2015Fall in love at the first sight
Matrimony ID: SS3172
Category: Love at first sight
Bride: huijuan wang
Groom: David deReyna
Craig, United States

First Contact: Jul 08,2012
Date Married: Aug 20,2012

Services Used:
Cupid Note
ChangChun LiRen Information Inquiry Service Ltd. (ID: P346)
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CM45603149David deReyna sent the first letter to P325082 Huijuan Wang In July, the special moments symbols for the romantic love. They fell in love with each other for the first sight. After a few letters, they fell in deep love with each other. They have the same expectation toward love, have the same goal toward life. After a few months, they decide to get married, to start a new life together as husband&wife. A simple but romantic wedding was held on 20 August, 2012, they held their hands and walked into the happy marriage together.