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Since: Apr 12,2013Hard Work Pays Off
Matrimony ID: SS3167
Category: Love at first sight
Bride: SuMei He
Groom: dave bennett
kalkaska, United States

First Contact: Feb 24,2010
Date Married: Dec 06,2011

Services Used:
Admirer Mail
EMF Mail
LiaoNing YangGuang Overseas Affairs Service Company (ID: P326)
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It took a long time for Dave and Sumei He to be together. This love marathon ended successfully after two years. They began their love marathon on February 24th, 2010. Both of them are cautious type. Dave was already retired and he is very easy-going. Sumei is also very gentle and kind. Their love went deeper and deeper as they exchanged their letters.

Hard work pays off. They became the indispensable part of each other. After they realized that, they decided to take action to their future. They met in October the 19th, 2011 for the first time. Their feeling was more passionate. They couldn't wait to spend the rest of their lives hand in hand.

So, Dave applied Fiancee Visa for Sumei immediately after his returning. They finally lived together happily. Best wishes for them, wish them a lifetime of happiness!