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Since: Apr 07,2013Their love goes deeper and deeper
Matrimony ID: SS3164
Category: Remarried
Bride: Ping Lv
Groom: steven foster
TAMPA, United States

First Contact: Apr 15,2009
Date Married: Mar 30,2010

Services Used:
Cupid Note
EMF Mail
LiaoNing YangGuang Overseas Affairs Service Company (ID: P326)
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Ping Lv’s husband Steven is working at Iraq now, he is an engineer who is responsible for generators in an American military base. Ping Lv is a very charming oriental lady. They are fated to be together, so to speak. They began their correspondence on April 15th, 2009 and showed strong interest to each other, so the communication between them was rather frequent, the amount of mails reaches to 129 in just three months.

They got to know each other more and more as their letters exchanging. Both of them are really sincere and they are undivided in feelings. After a long time of communication, they both think it is time to start a new life together. So they met in China in July 11th, 2009.

Their love goes deeper and deeper after their first meeting, Steven even firmly believed that Ping is his future wife after their first meeting, and he made the decision that he would come to China again to see her. Steven is very thoughtful and generous, he prepared many gifts and pictures for Ping. Besides, Steven loves antiques very much. Ping is very considerate, she accompanied him to visit the antique store.

They had met four times and their love went smoothly and they both cherish this hard-earned fate. They finally registered for marriage on March 30th, 2010 and drew to a successful end under the blessing of their parents, relatives and friends.