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Since: Mar 29,2013Rainbow only shows up after rain and storm
Matrimony ID: SS3158
Category: Twists and turns
Bride: WeiHong Hao
Groom: Noe Garza
Corpus Christi, United States

First Contact: Jul 28,2008
Date Married: Dec 16,2011

Services Used:
Cupid Note
EMF Mail
Gifts & Flowers
LiaoNing YangGuang Overseas Affairs Service Company (ID: P326)
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It is really hard for Noe and Weihong Hao to get married. The way to their future is full of difficulties. They met each other in July, 2008, but they didn’t get married until Nov. 2011, and they didn’t live together until the year of 2013. Nobody else will know their suffering for 4 years and 8 months other than themselves.

They began to write to each other from 2008, and after half a year, they were so happy to plan to meet in beautiful China in December 2008. They planned to ski and watch the ice lights. But Noe’s leg was hurt suddenly and he could not make it. But Noe didn’t give up, and they still wrote letters and chat through web cam, to tell how much they miss each other. As time past by, Noe felt guilty to Weihong Hao. He felt sorry and he didn’t want to waste her time. So, in the summer of 2009, Noe decided not to reply her anymore. He was suffering from this so much. Because he really felt in love with this woman. Finally, in the summer of 2010, after a year 's time, Weihong found she could not forget Noe. So she tried to write to him again. What a surprise, Noe also never forgot her. He just didn’t want to interrupt her life. But their love of fire was lighted immediately, and love deeper and deeper.

They still planned to ski and watch the ice light. So they finally met in the beautiful snow on Dec. 7th, 2011. They all wished they could meet sooner. After more than 3 years in love, they could not wait to make promises to each other. And getting married was the best way. Therefore, on Dec. 16th, they showed their love and commitment. They smiled so happily on the wedding.

An old saying “rainbow only shows up after rain and storm” is really the best phrase to express their love. If they didn’t experience these suffers and ‘storms’, how could they enjoy the happy life now! Give them the best wishes, to be together and happy forever!