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Since: Mar 29,2013Tie the knot
Matrimony ID: SS3151
Category: Singles with children
Bride: Laurie Hu
Groom: gary peres
Costa Mesa, United States

First Contact: Aug 10,2008
Date Married: Nov 18,2008

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Ms Hu, who is 42 years old from Guilin and divorced. She has a daughter who is at high school. Gary came from USA, he is a manager from Bridge Phone Technology 4G. His daughters are grown up and do not live with him. He likes the tenderness, kindness and cuteness of Chinese ladies,Ms Hu had a very deep impression on Gary at the first time she looked at Gary’s pics and letters on August 10th, 2008.

Gary looks very handsome and young though he is 10 years older than Ms Hu. He is sincere, responsible, humorous and romantic, which attracts Ms Hu a lot. And Ms Hu is a beautiful, kind-hearted, elegant and sincere lady. In the same way, she touches Gary’s heart a lot.

After they corresponsed to each other for a while, Gary planned to see Ms Hu in October, 2008. They got married on Nov. 11th 2008 in China happily!