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Matrimony ID: SS3147
Category: Remarried
Bride: XueMei Fan
Groom: Don Shaw
Arlington, United States

First Contact: Nov 10,2008
Date Married: Oct 16,2011

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Zhongshan Love and Marriage Agency (ID: P558)
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Don met Miss Fan in Nov. 2008, and they began to communicate with each other. Don and Miss Fan are very faithful to each other.

When they just communicate with each other for about half a year, then Don came to China to meet Miss Fan. They travelled together. They have been to many places. This trip in China makes Don fell in love with China, and also deeper love with Miss Fan.

After Don went back to USA, Don and Miss Fan kept communicating every day. After that, Don had came to China for meeting Miss Fan for several times. With the regards of each other's family, they got married.