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Since: May 09,2013It feels like we knew each other before..
Matrimony ID: SS3110
Category: Love at first sight
Bride: Veronica Le
Groom: robert batten
darwin, Australia

First Contact: May 23,2012
Date Married: Dec 02,2012

Services Used:
EMF Mail
Angel Lover (ID: D309)
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Hello,I am a female attendant who come from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.My name is Veronica.

So lucky I am, met a gentleman whose name is Robert in May 23rd 2012, I guessed that day was my lucky day..then we started to exchange the letters frequently in IDateAsia.The way he acted made me feel so safety from the heart.We almost talked about everything with each other, I asked him about everything, and he was in very good temper and took my questions seriously. Every letter was huge, it seemed that we had endless words to say to each other, I think it is our destiny to meet!

On July 28th 2012, my dear Robert came to Ho Chi Minh City to see me, we felt so close to each other when we met in the Airport, we hug, and we even had a kiss, felt like we knew each other before we met, and we both had the feeling that we were the one!!My dear Robert stayed in Ho Chi Minh City for 8 days, we spent every day together, we drank coffee, we talked, we walked, and we visited the Museum. It was very happy to be with him, during the days, I knew that he was a very considerate man, we were suitable for each other both physically and mentally. When we were being together, we had so many things to share with. We really had a chemistry together. So we believe it is God who made us together, my family and friends said that I had met a good man, they admired me very much and looked forward to attending my wedding.

On September 30th, my dear Robert came here again, and we were engaged with family and friends' best wishes. We took very beautiful wedding photos. Robert prepared all the paperworks for our marriage registration and Visa. Then we finally became husband and wife in front of God, at that moment I was overwhelmed with happiness. Our wedding party will be held on December 2nd in Ho Chi Minh City , we will invite all of our family and friends to come! So many thanks to IDateAsia, which creates a platform for us to meet each other. We genuinely hope this site will grow more and more successful and more people could find their happiness on this site! And we greatly appreciate.