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Since: Feb 27,2013Now we have our lovely baby and we live happily..
Matrimony ID: SS2979
Category: Twists and turns
Bride: Teresa Ding
Groom: Andre Smith
Guangzhoou, China

First Contact: Oct 29,2010
Date Married: Feb 14,2011

Services Used:
EMF Mail
Jiangmen JiangMei International Marriage Co., Ltd. (ID: P662)
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Miss Ding bacame a member of the agency at the end of 2010. Soon after her profile was released, an South African gentleman, called Andre was attracted by her profile and wanted to build relationship with her. In their communication, Miss Ding knew that Andre came from South Africa and he had lived in Guangdong for 3 years. During his 3 years in China, he dreamed that one day he could marry a Chinese woman.

Andre required to meet Miss Ding continuously as he just lives in China. However, Miss Ding was afraid to meet him due to her poor English. Under the repeated request of the gentleman, the lady finally agreed to meet him. They felt good with each other after they meet. Thus they got married happily in February of 2011. Now they have their lovely baby and they live happily.
Wish them a happy family!