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Matrimony ID: SS2725
Category: Remarried
Bride: Meggy Zhang
Groom: ryan openshaw
grande prairie, Canada

First Contact: Mar 19,2009
Date Married: Oct 15,2009

Services Used:
EMF Mail
Jiangmen JiangMei International Marriage Co., Ltd. (ID: P662)
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Ryan and Ms Zhang had fallen in love with each other at the very beginning. They felt good about each other when they started to communicate. With more letters exchanged, they felt that they were the one they had been looking for. Ms Zhang thought that Ryan was considerate, genlte, and especially he was willing to study Mandarin for her, which touched her heart deeply. Ryan thought that Ms Zhang was so sweet, soft and ladylike. They decided to meet each other, so in May Ryan came to China. He not only met Ms Zhang but also her family. Though his Mandarin was not good enough, his effort had deeply moved her parents, and eventually had earned their support and blessings. After this meeting, they were both very committed to this relationship. They decided to get married in October. Now they are a happy couple ready to live their happy life in Canada. This happy ending had proved that love cannot be defeated by distance, as long as there's love, there's a way to make things come true.