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Since: Nov 24,2009Gavin Stigings and Angel Zhong
Matrimony ID: SS2713
Category: Other
Bride: Angel Zhong
Chengdu, China
Groom: Gavin Stigings
Edmonton, Canada

First Contact: Jan 16,2009
Date Married: Apr 28,2009

Services Used:
EMF Mail
Chengdu YingJiaMei Friendfinder Co. Ltd (ID: P206)
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Ms Zhong is a very beautiful, gentle and compassionate teacher. She had been looking for her life partner for a long time, and finally on Aug 8 2008, she met Gavin who is a genuine, romantic Canadian gentleman.

Gavin is very sincere to Ms Zhong, he wrote to her everyday, expressing his love and care to her. Ms Zhong was very busy as she had to teach the children at school. And in her spare time, she taught her students dancing. So her time was pretty tight and didn't have much time at weekends.

After she met Gavin, Ms Zhong started to study English. They had correspondence for a few months and gained mutual understanding. Ms Zhong told Gavin that he could visit her in winter vocation, so they made an appointment to meet in winter vocation, which was also close to Chinese new year.

After they met in person, Ms Zhong loved Gavin more. Though they had stayed for only a few days, they travel together and got engaged. They are now in the process of visa application, we sincerely wish their love last forever and be happy ever since.